Leaping Back

It's been a while since I've leaped onto this page.  

I'm mostly leaping back because I made a pact with a writer-client of mine that if I started writing in my blog again - she would start writing in hers. But - I'm also back because I know that I do love writing in this little blogger space; it helps me sort out what's vital/healing/soulful; makes me feel like I'm offering something of merit in my living years. 

Excuses for my lack of writing? 
Well - a combination of work, family, holidays, and that spin cycle of life that I mentioned in a previous blog entry. And the underbelly truth of it is that I really don't roll easy and yummy when I'm in my 'therapist' head thinking of inspiration, helpful tips, and all that jazz.  Yes (more honesty) this blog sort of started out as a marketing thing; exposure on the web, get my voice out there, find my niche, branding type thing. 

But - the truth of the matter is - that's just not me. 

I love to just put my fingers to the keys and see what dances out. I love to inspire through poetry and buddhist teachings and everything love and peace and kindness and compassion. I'm an old hippie and a seeker and love the sound of poetry being spoken, music as it draws me into movement, and how we make our way home to ease and happiness -  and that's all there is too it.  I just happen to also be a psychotherapist who wants to inspire this love, peace, kindness, compassion, joy, and ongoing creative movement in others. 

So - here's my 2012 self-embracing vow to myself - just let it rip, inspiration, passion - leading the way. 

So  - for today - I'm LEAPING back  - and that's all I know. 
What I envision as I leap back -  are shorter, more playful entries. 

The therapist in me wants to say: Feel free to share your own 2012 self-embracing, let it rip vows. 
The playful mystic in me just wants to say....



  1. What an exquisite post, Elizabeth. I testify to your truth, courage and joy. And, I started LitaDreaming after our soulful trip to NYC to see the shrine to Carl Jung and his Red Book. We took the train and all the way down and back, we talked about life and death, true amazing experiences and dreams. I came home that night and started my blog. It is, as you say, just this lovely opportunity to teach, share and to write about what we love most. Keep Leaping; it's grand.

  2. My bella Adelita - you are always there with soulful responses to the little ships I sent out into the night waters. I so appreciate your support and the way you play with me - your words; my words - celebrating whatever we can offer in this journey we are on. Thanks for your love.


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